Princess Anne Elementary School

News and Announcements

PAES Paraprofessional of the Year!

Congratulations to Mrs. Bonnie Bishop, PAES 2018-19 Paraprofessional of the Year! Mrs. Bishop has been employed by Somerset County Public Schools since 2006, the past two years have been spent at PAE. Mrs. Bishop works in Ms. Horner's Pre-Kindergarten class.
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Family Game Night

Did you know children learn by playing board games? Math, Reading, Social and Motor skills are taught through game play. Family Game Night at PAE, sponsored by the Judy Center, was a huge success!
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Tobacco is Wacko!

Corporal Meeks from the Princess Anne Police Department came to speak to students about the adverse effects of tobacco. The Health Dept. provides a grant for members of the PAPD to educate students about tobacco use.
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PAWsative Behavior & Student of the Week

*PAWsative Behavior: Students who follow the "code of conduct" by being respectful, responsible, safe & prepared all week, receive a paw print to decorate every Friday. The paw prints are being hung in the cafeteria. The grade level with the most paw prints at the end of the quarter will receive a special incentive.
*Student of the Week: each classroom teacher selects a student of the week in their homeroom. The student wears a special necklace and is invited to sit at a designated table during lunch. Students of the week receive a special snack at lunch time.
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