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Character Education

PAES Learning Support Specialist: Mrs. Nicole Andrews: [email protected]
PAES Community Liaison: Dr. Megan Miller: [email protected]


Week 1 –
During the month of May, we are focusing on Teamwork. The first part of being a successful team is getting to know your teammates. In this case, your team is your family! Here is a fun activity to learn more about members of you family.
Family Trivia: Come up with a list of questions such as “What is your favorite food, What is your favorite color?,” etc. Everyone writes down/draws their answers. Then every tries to guess each other’s answers. Once the guesses have been made, the person reveals his or her answers. This is a great bonding game.
Week 2 –
In keeping with our theme of teamwork and playing fair, we will post a game that you can play at home with your family members. Have fun!
Scavenger Hunt. Each child makes a list of 10 items (drawn or written) that family members must find. For example, “something blue, something shiny, something sweet, etc.” Siblings can team up for bonding or work independently.
Week 3 -
Memory Tray Game. This is a classic game. Spread a variety of objects on a table. Stare at it for 1 minute. Cover them up with a towel/blanket and then everyone tries to remember as many objects as they can. The person that remembers the most objects wins.
Week 4 -
Cup switch-up. Family members will have fun with this classic activity. Place a penny under one of three cups. One person slides the cups around while the other tries to follow and keep track of the penny. When the cups come to a stop, guess where the penny is!